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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching, and its specialization areas like relationship coaching and career coaching, can work wonders for you ... wonders that often even feel like miracles, though they’re really just natural outcomes of the life coaching process.

Life coaching enables you to:

  • Accelerate your goals and success in the areas of life that matter to you, such as relationships, career, parenting, finances, health, or living your passions
  • Discover and work through the issues -- what #1 bestselling author, motivational speaker, and world-renowned Chicago life coach Brian Vaszily calls the "rust and crust" -- that may very well be blocking you from your success and greater happiness

  • Discover greater inner-peace, balance and fulfillment in life
  • Find your purpose, and keep you on the path of your purpose

  • Life Coaching Versus Therapy?
    What About Different Methodologies and Certification?

    First of all, receiving life coaching is not the same thing as receiving therapy from psychologists.
    Though paragraphs or pages could be dedicated to adequately explain the difference, in short therapy more so seeks to understand, treat and fix disorders ranging from the mild to very serious.

    Life coaching is more so about both working through issues and shifting desires, ideas, passion and energy into clear goals, real-life actions and amazing results. The label of “coach” is rather appropriate: a tennis coach enables a player to recognize strengths and weaknesses and improve them, to best condition themselves, and to set a clear path in order to achieve success and fulfillment in tennis. With different goals and tools of course, a life coach enables you to do the same.

    Life coaching is booming ... and rightfully so. What is more worthwhile than someone who can, with one-one-one attention to you, rapidly, clearly and objectively guide you to greater success, inner-peace and happiness?

    Life coaching can save you untold money, pain, frustration and more throughout life by helping to set you on the right journey.

    But it is important to keep in mind that there are many different approaches to life coaching ... and unlike official university sanctioned programs to train psychologists, psychotherapists, etc., there are no parallel officially sanctioned programs for life therapists.

    Instead there are dozens and even hundreds of “life coach certification” programs out there. These are invented certifications from individuals and business organizations … and as in all things, some are good, some are not.

    The bottom line is that some of the “best” life coaches out there are not “certified.” Some are. Some of the “worst” out there are not “certified.” Some are.

    And even the term “best” is arbitrary, because as you know what works really well for some may not for another.

    The wisest way to assess if you and alife coach will connect well is to:

    A) Understand the essentials of their underlying principles

    B) Receive an initial consultation or several consultations before committing to long-term packages with the life coach

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    A Personal Invitation from Brian Vaszily:

    In addition to authoring a #1 bestseller (The 9 Intense Experiences, Wiley, 2011), leading the world's #1 free personal growth newsletter, leading the popular Deep Transformation personal growth workshops, and being a top motivational speaker, I lead a business called Chicago Life Coach ... though because my life coaching is now entirely via phone, my clients come from all over the English-speaking world.

    While I have scaled down on the amount of one-on-one life coaching I do these days due to my motivational speaker and other work, do contact me if you are interested in my life coaching as I sometimes have space available.

    Also though, to find exceptional life coaching in your area, be sure to head to Find a Life Coach.