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Discover the Most Powerfully Transformative Training You Will Ever Experience by Delving Into The 9 Key Abundance Areas of Life

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The Deep Transformation 9-session personal growth workshops are THE most powerful, fascinating, unique, and life-changing workshops you will ever engage in.

Quite a big statement to make? Yes, indeed. But those statements are based on the feedback of hundreds who have enjoyed the remarkable benefits of the workshops already, and as you will discover in the workshop recordings (enter your email above to get free immediate access to one session to discover it yourself!) the statements are absolutely true.

Providing you the deepest and most extensively proven guidance and exercises from across a range of disciplines -- from positive psychology and neuroscience to the world's great spiritual and holistic traditions -- the Deep Transformation training with #1 bestselling author, master coach, and world-renowned transformation visionary -- who has been featured on CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC -- Brian Vaszily is a MUST if you truly want to achieve your greatest goals and desires.

And because you will be able to download these nine personal growth workshops (and listen on your computer, burn to CD or iPod, etc.), you can listen entirely from the comfort of your home, auto, or office anytime and as often as you wish.

Consider the ONE Key Question Now

Slow down a moment and consider this question carefully: in terms of your weight, finances, career, relationships, and inner-peace, what are you really seeking?

Please don't hold back -- try your best to let go of any feelings of frustration, anger, or guilt about your answers (watch for self-statements like, "Well it's unrealistic" etc.!) Consider the question deeply. Visualize your answers:

What are you REALLY seeking right now in your life?

Whether your answers are general, such as "To feel happier and more secure in my life" or they are specific, such as, "To lose forty pounds in the next four months" -- OR you don't really even have a clear answer -- you were drawn here today for a reason. You ARE in the right place.

The Deep Transformation personal growth workshops will clear through the barriers and help you achieve those goals like nothing you have experienced before.

No Fluff, No Filler, Just DEEP Transformation

The Deep Transformation personal growth workshops are led by Brian Vaszily, author of the #1 bestseller The 9 Intense Experiences: An Action Plan to Change Your Life Forever, which Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, called "a beautiful, unique, and powerful guide that is a must-read for anyone who truly wants to achieve their goals and dreams."

Brian is also a globally-renowned speaker, workshop leader, and business and life coach ... on this front, Janet Attwood, NY Times bestselling author of The Passion Test noted that, "Brian Vaszily is a remarkable man whose unique work has already changed the lives of many thousands."

In the Deep Transformation personal growth workshops, you will ONLY get the best of the best -- the most powerful, captivating, and life-changing guidance and exercises to change your life in remarkably positive ways like NOTHING you've ever engaged in before.

You WILL NOT find fluff and filler nor a bunch of stuff you have heard before here (though you will laugh and have fun ... with purpose.)

Instead, every piece of guidance and every one of the exercises you engage in will impact and shift you in the most remarkably positive and powerful ways.

Deep Transformation in the
9 Key Abundance Areas

The workshops consist of nine live sessions, each ranging from an hour to an hour-and-a-half in length, focused on deep self-awareness and amazing growth in the nine key areas of abundance.

Remember the earlier question about what you are truly seeking right now in life?

Well in short, when you achieve the clarity and abundance in these areas, as you will discover, you achieve what you are seeking.

With this very special advance opportunity available only to Intense Experiences subscribers, you will immediately receive MP3 downloads of each and ALL nine sessions (see below for the topics of each session.)

The Deep Transformation personal growth workshops will enable you to personally realize the most powerful, effective (and often surprising) ways to achieve:

1) Peak ENERGY

In the most fundamental sense, you ARE energy. If in one fell swoop we could clear away all the "rust and crust" -- the barriers inside you that prevent you from acting on your own best interests -- you would realize that this fact alone enables you to do and be anything you have envisioned in your heart and mind.

But ironically, energy is one of the key components that so many people today proclaim they are lacking. They feel overwhelmed. Worn out. Tired. Why?

Most importantly, what can you do starting right now so that every day, you feel the immense energy that is already yours and eager to serve you? You will experience the answers in this segment of the Deep Transformation personal growth workshops.

2) Your Deepest PASSION and AWE

Amazement with the universe, the world, and your own being. Ongoing wonder, and an ongoing desire to create, discover, and flourish in your own unique ways.

Experiencing the world through the eyes of a child ... through the child-wisdom that is abundant inside you (no matter how "jaded" some may believe they are.)

THOSE are the key benefits of this segment of the Deep Transformation workshops, and they will lead to remarkable and myriad other benefits in every aspect of your life, including increased productivity, increased clarity, and SO much more!

3) Clarity of Your PURPOSE

With the epidemic of feeling overwhelmed in today's world, with the go-go faster-faster (but feel like you are getting nowhere) pace of life today, it can be quite difficult to even SEE what you are truly meant to be dedicating your time and energy to.

So it is not surprising that so many people so deeply long to achieve greater clarity of their purpose ... the goals and dreams that really will enable them to achieve the deep peace, happiness, and success they desire and deserve.

In unique and powerful ways -- via methods from science, spirituality, and holistics that have proven the most powerful -- you will achieve this clarity.

4) Powerful Self-CONFIDENCE

It all starts with this premise: you really are no less deserving than anyone else in this world. You have remarkable gifts, and you are as capable and worthy to achieve whatever you desire as everyone else.

Perhaps you know that already in theory. Perhaps some of you don't quite believe that yet. But in this fascinating and amazingly transformative segment of the Deep Transformation workshops, you will discover it in fact.


Resilience is not merely the ability to survive the challenges that come your way -- it is the ability to thrive in the face of them. Because two things are certain:

1) Challenging situations will continue to occur in every life. If anyone tells you that emotional states like stress, anger, and sadness can be eliminated, they are not being forthright. These states are as natural as calm and joy.

2) You CAN thrive versus allowing these challenges to sabotage your goals, dreams, and happiness. You will delve into some very powerful exercises and discover the keys to doing so in the Deep Transformation personal growth workshops.


Whatever you define as success, be it in your career, finances, hobbies, relationships, or beyond, creativity is a golden key to that success.

Here, too, it is not a matter of hunting down something "out there" that you do not have. It is instead a matter of accessing and igniting that which is already yours. And by the way, even if you consider yourself the most un-creative person in the world ("un-creative" is an antonym to "person," by the way), prepare to have those self-sabotaging self-perceptions blown away!

You will experience how to spark your creativity brilliantly in the Deep Transformation personal growth workshops with Brian Vaszily.

7) Far Greater JOY

To experience joy does not require you to get anything more than is already yours. Yes, it may require some clearing through of things that are in your way to fully believe and realize this. But it is so.

And in this most remarkable segment of the Deep Transformation personal growth workshops, you will be guided to that realization. Your life is beautiful, you live in the time you are meant to live in, all you are experiencing is precisely what you are meant to experience, and you have all the time you need. If this sounds doubtful, hokey, or in any way not quite so to you, this is one segment you absolutely do not want to miss!

The vibrant joy that is waiting there for you will be yours.

8) Profound Inner PEACE

When you view a peaceful and inspiring scene in nature, that is your wisest voice deep inside whispering that you can be like that, too. That is a powerful place, the healthiest place to achieve your happiest life from.

But just as within that scene in nature rocks crash and crack, animals hunt, and change is constant, your inner peace is not the absence of noise, disagreement, and challenge from life. Perhaps death provides that, but there is no such life. Inner peace is instead the acceptance and proper management of all the things that are and will be in this world, as you will discover in this segment of the Deep Transformation training.

9) Boundless LOVE

Love is all. All is love.

It makes the world go round. It is the basis of hope. It is the reason we are all still here.

A beautiful truth, and one that we all know from our deepest, wisest selves ... at least in theory.

So how can you keep this truth at the forefront of your mind in fact? For those who don't quite believe it, how can you know it is so?

Most importantly, how can you live it, and what are the magnificent and seemingly-magical gifts waiting in store for you when you do?

Discover the answers -- and how to live them -- in this most important and beautiful segment of the Deep Transformation personal growth workshops.

The Deep Transformation 9-Session Recordings Essentials

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Get FREE Immediate Access to One of the 9 Deep Transformation Workshop Sessions
- The Most Powerful Steps to
Increase Your Self-Confidence Now
So You Can Experience How Powerful This Audio Program Is Now With NO Obligation Whatsoever!

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ASK QUESTIONS AND DISCUSS ANYTIME: You will also have access to the Deep Transformation discussion forums. Here you will engage with others who have gone through or are going through the workshops on a variety of topics, have access to exclusive materials that enhance the workshop, and you will be able to ask Brian Vaszily any questions you may have.

WHY IT WILL AMAZE YOU: YES, many world-renowned experts have highly recommended Brian Vaszily's unique and powerful training ... Dr. Mark Hyman, the world-renowned physician and 4-time NY Times bestselling author, and Dr. Sears, Marci Shimoff, Bill Harris, Hale Dwoskin, Janet Attwood, Nick Ortner, Dr. Symeon Rodger, Jennifer McLean, Arielle Ford, Mark Victor Hansen, Eldon Taylor, Chris Cade, and Dr. Alex Loyd, to name a few.

But just as enthusiastic are the students who have gone through his programs before. It is routine -- but always wonderful -- to hear from students that Brian's training was "far different, and far more powerful, than anything I've encountered before."

As Margaret from Stamford, Connecticut noted, "This isn’t a soft and mushy feel-good course, it is direct and powerful, and Brian’s insights and guidance will help bump you out of your comfort zone and into a new place that is deep, clear and rich."

And as Debbie Searle from Scotland said, “Out of all the self-help, self-motivational type courses this is the BEST of all time.”

In the Deep Transformation 9-session personal growth workshops, Brian goes way beyond anything he has offered before ... and as you will discover, well beyond most and likely ALL of the books, workshops, audio programs, etc. you have delved into before, too!

Consider again what you are really seeking most in your life right now -- in terms of your weight and health, relationships, finances, career, and beyond -- and then order the Deep Transformation workshop recordings today if you are truly committed to achieving it!

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