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ABOUT The 23 Most Powerful Secrets to be Happy Book...

If you want to be happy ... or happier than you already are...

If you want to clear through any self-sabotaging negative emotions inside of you, like stress, depression, low self-esteem, lack of energy or feeling overwhelmed ...

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  • The Most Important Thing You Can Do If You are Feeling Sorrow about ANYTHING
  • The Very Powerful "Deathbed Experience" You Can Use With Anyone You Care About But Feel Distant From
  • The Intense Life-Changing Power of Being NON-Negotiable
  • The Japanese Secret to Achieve Your Most Challenging Goals
  • How a Simple Mark on Your Hand Can Improve Your Day ... And the Lives of Those Around You
  • A FUN Way to Stop Negative Emotions In Their Tracks
  • How to Boost Your Self-Esteem Quickly with A STEAMY LOVE LETTER
  • The All-Time Top 25 Motivational Quotes
  • And much more. PLUS in addition to the 23 Most Powerful Secrets to Be Happy, you will get an additional 10 insights that -- while not SO essential -- actually ARE very interesting and fun, such as How the Length of Your Fingers Can Predict Your Verbal and Math Skills (REALLY!), the World's Funniest Jokes as determined by a major survey, and more!

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