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Clive Agate
Vision of Change
70 Bolle Road
GU34 1PW
United Kingdom
0044 07738 986256
"I help improve people's personal and professional lives so they can live life to the fullest!" says London life coach Clive Agate.

Ralph Williams
3 Oak Green
Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire
+44 (0) 1923
"I enjoy helping people discover what they really want out of life and work with them until they achieve their goals and true potential. I coach throughout the UK by telephone and Skype and also internationally where my 'British' approach can help my clients."

Lesley Cooley
Be Happy Life Coaching
07586 379 301
"The vision of Be Happy is to enable everyone to recognise their achievements, reach their goals and realise their dreams. To be the best you can be."

Sejual Shah
Healthy in Mind
Harpenden, Hertfordshire
LU1 4BT United Kingdom
01582 452 918< />
"Career Coach using Emotional Freedom Techniques to resolve problems, like executive depression," according to Sejual, London life coach.